Onboard Coworking


How we are handling Covid 19...

Your well-being and safety are our top priority as part of our community. Onboard Coworking is continually monitoring county and state Guidelines regarding Covid-19. Your safety and your business operations are at the forefront of our minds. This is an ever-changing environment and we will adapt as necessary. We will do our part as leaders and as part of a tight knit community, we expect you to do yours. The healthy and safety of our businesses and personal health is dependent on our collaboration and communal efforts. We are changing and adapting our workspace to ensure you have the best environment possible.

Precautions we are taking:


  • Masks are mandatory in all communal spaces, at all times.
  • Social Distancing is required.
  • You may take off your mask in private office settings but once in our halls or communal spaces the mask is required.
  • Please limit the number of individuals in restrooms.
  • Proper sanitation of our common areas will be maintained regularly.
  • Our kitchen and food areas will be monitored and open or closed according to guidelines.
  • High touch points will be properly sanitized.
  • Clearly marked signage throughout the space will be used to communicate protocols to ensure our member and guest safety.
  • We strongly recommend private office members keep the doors closed to minimize contact with other members. Social distancing in office is recommended.
  • Properly spaced work-stations will be monitored as needed.
  • Reduced capacity is in place until further notice.


Do your part :

We consider you family. Sometimes we feel the pressure to work when we are not well. We encourage you to take personal responsibility for yourself and your neighbors when it comes to health and safety in the Onboard offices.

  • Evaluate yourself for signs/symptoms of Covid-19 before coming to work.
  • Routinely monitor yourself. You know yourself better than we do.
  • If you are sick or have a fever please stay home.
  • If you have been exposed directly or indirectly to Covid 19 please let us know immediately. It is our duty to protect our members and provide proper updates and information.
  • Please see the CDC guidelines for protocols on returning to work after being sick or having a fever.
  • Wear your mask in all common areas, especially upon entry.
  • Be mindful of your neighbor and sanitize with the provided resources in the common use areas and shared office equipment.
  • Thank you for your cooperation!

Essential resources: